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Online Marketing Trainee

Job description

CareerFoundry is building the number one online destination for people looking to change to a career in tech. To help us promote our cause, we are looking for an Online Marketing Trainee to join our Performance Marketing Team and support our growth projects across SEO, paid advertising, page optimization (CRO), research and reporting.

Job requirements


Mission as an Online Marketing Trainee:

As an Online Marketing Trainee, you’ll learn the ropes of digital marketing, focusing primarily on SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) with the expectation of graduating to junior level after six months. You’ll be trained on the job by the Performance Marketing Team and you’ll have the opportunity to impact company growth from day one. This is a great opportunity for anybody looking to break into the industry and secure their first full-time role in a growing and well-reputed startup.


  • Learn the ropes of content and technical SEO through both training and self-study—and implement what you learn as you go.

  • Learn about marketing funnels, how to report on their performance, and how to ideate for their improvement through CRO processes.

  • Work increasingly closely with the in-house content team to assist with keyword research, content strategy and structuring and article re-optimization to improve our standings across organic channels, such as search, social and referral.

  • Exercise your strong writing abilities when updating and improving existing content.

  • Work with our in-house design and development team to understand site performance and progressively improve it.

  • Develop a strong working knowledge of edtech, and particularly vocational, outcome-driven education in the fields of UX, UI, Web Development and Data Science.

This is a trainee position. The salary band for this lies between EUR 26,400,- and EUR 28,800,- annual gross. Your relevant experience will influence the final salary.


  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

  • A strong desire to learn new things

  • The ability to think sequentially, communicate complex ideas succinctly, and excellent attention to detail

  • Excellent writing and editing skills in American English, as well as the ability to adopt the style, tone, and voice of CareerFoundry

  • Creative and analytical: You can use data as a basis to generate strong ideas, and you can determine whether your ideas were as strong as you thought with data


  • You have a degree in marketing, advertising, communications, business or STEM

  • Proficient in MS Excel/Google Sheets

  • Statistics and data analysis skills

General competencies we appreciate:

  • Flexible/Adaptable: Since we are a startup, you should be able to adjust quickly to changing priorities and roll with the changes

  • Analytical: Able to process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions

  • Communicative: We are a multi-cultural office with people from all over the world––so that means listening to people and striving to make connections.

  • Proactive: Acts without being told what to do. Feels confident making suggestions, giving constructive feedback and bringing new ideas.

  • Strategic: Able to see and communicate the bigger picture. Also able to determine opportunities and deficiencies via comprehensive analysis

  • Growth-oriented: Believe in everybody’s potential for growth, don’t see them as a list of skills, but as a process, believe in the power of “yet”.

  • High standards, hard work ethic, and persistence.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!