Freelance Web Development Mentors and Tutors (Node.js & Javascript) (f/m/d)

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Freelance Web Development Mentors and Tutors (Node.js & Javascript) (f/m/d)

Job description

We created CareerFoundry to help others build their careers while maintaining personal freedom and flexibility. Our 100% online, flexible, mentor/tutor driven courses are setting the standard for globally accessible technical education. Through our online programs, expert Tutors and Mentors bring students from complete beginners to junior web developers in 6 months.


We are searching for experienced and passionate senior web developers all over the world to join our pool of experts and help define the next generation of design talent by educating and empowering students across the globe.


Our global pool of over 200 Mentors and Tutors in web development, UX design, and UI design fields has grown to include freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and tech leads who passionately guide, motivate, and empower our students to create new careers in the tech industry. 


Your Mission:

Mentoring and Tutoring with CareerFoundry is more than teaching. It is inspiring newcomers to the field to build, to problem solve, to think like a developer, and to increase their value as professionals. 

Based on your application and experience, we will make a decision on whether the Tutor or Mentor role is the perfect fit for you. 

Tutor role:

Tutors give feedback and constructive criticism on assignments and provide students with the guidance they need to improve their work through reviews and industry insights. Once a student submits an assignment, Tutors make sure that it meets all the requirements set out by the course curriculum, marking to rubrics we provide with each task to ensure students meet a consistent standard.


When students are struggling with understanding a key area, Tutors are there to support and encourage them, providing supplemental tricks and tips to help them power through any roadblocks they encounter. Your job as a Tutor is not to hold a student’s hand, but to help them learn the troubleshooting and problem-solving skills they’ll need to work as a developer.

  • Regularly reviewing student exercises submitted through the CareerFoundry platform

  • Code reviews and checking for fundamental understanding of concepts

  • Suggesting supplemental learning materials and personal insights in areas where students are struggling

  • Working with a Mentor who will advise the student specifically on career-related topics and support you as a Tutor.

Mentor role:

Most students will be beginners, looking not only for help and experience to master the necessary skills, but also inspiration and motivation to keep them focused along the way. You're their link and point of entry into their new industry, so they want to hear that they'll be able to make it (if they put in the work, of course).


As a mentor, you will be reviewing your students’ work on a regular basis with a view on how it would fit into an industry-ready portfolio. Additionally, you will do one-on-one video calls to help prepare your students entry into their new industry. They’re going to want to know how you got your start, how you network, how you decided which companies and roles to go for, and much more! 

  • Reviewing student "achievements" submitted through the CareerFoundry platform (a portfolio-ready piece of work coming at the end of a number of smaller exercises)

  • Advising the student specifically on career-related topics and helping prepare them to enter the industry through one-on-one video calls with each student

  • Suggesting supplemental learning materials and personal insights in areas where students are struggling

  • Working with a Tutor who will review work on a daily basis and answer day-to-day enquiries - you'll be on hand to step in for more advanced queries or for a higher level of troubleshooting

Job requirements

  **We are prioritising recruitment for North and South America based Tutors and Mentors.**


To succeed, you need to have a real drive to pass on your wisdom and secrets for success to the next generation of developers. 

Tutor role:

  • Experience (2 years minimum) working as a web developer with Javascript and Node.js

  • A great portfolio or GitHub account.

  • Knowledge of the following languages and concepts, with demonstrated experience applying them: basic SQL, React, Redux, Flux, Angular, static site generators

  • In depth knowledge of industry best practices (e.g. test-driven development)

  • A strong desire to help others

  • Fluent in English

Mentor role:

  • As a Senior Developer, you have a demonstrable track record showcasing your work for a variety of clients and companies. Your commitment to test-driven development is clear.

  • A first class portfolio or GitHub account with rock solid, relevant references to back it up.

  • Some experience with HTML and CSS.

  • Ideally, you will already have gained experience in teaching or mentoring in your professional life, or you have the right attitude and skills for it: you have time and patience for beginners and a strong desire to guide people along their career path in this field, with knowledge of the latest development tools and trends, a broad network of experts in the field and an in-depth understanding of industry practices.

What’s in it for you:

  • Remuneration - you will sign a freelance contract and will be compensated on a monthly basis.

  • Flexible and Mobile - Work from anywhere with an internet connection and with a schedule that works for you

  • Fulfilling - Directly impact students’ personal growth and help them succeed in their goals. Contribute to your industry and help shape the outlook of the next generation of developers

  • Résumé gold – mentoring and tutoring experience is highly sought after by employers everywhere

We're looking forward to hearing from you!